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In A Streetcar Named Desire, the two sisters, Blanche and Stella, both need men to stay alive and to not go insane. In the certain passages I found, both quotes amplify how the two women, Blanche and Stella, don't see how they both were on the streetcar (the race to get men and falling for them) at some point in their lives. It is so true that some people do not ever realize how they put themselves into situations like these where they yearn for another and cannot escape his grasp as much as they may want to at times. Stella, in this case, is yelled at by her husband, Stanley, but will not admit to Blanche that it is a bad thing. She says that it happens all the time and Stella won't face the fact that she would go crazy without him. The men are the money and the life in their eyes. The men are the ones that make things happens.

In Willem De Kooning's series of paintings, he almost seems like he is rebelling against his own need of women. The first one, Woman I, looks more violent than any of the others. Woman II portrays a much more content woman. Woman IV has much more vibrant colors but the painting still maintains a lot of the same characteristics of the previous women. Woman and Bicycle has much expression. All of the paintings almost "destruct" the image of women. They are scary figures with malicious grins and violently pointed body parts. Both works, the book and the painting series, illustrate women in society in very similar, yet different ways. There are identical connections yet they are polar opposites. In the paintings, it's a man yearning for a woman. The books shows women yearning for men. Both of these yearnings are similar.