I fell in love with this painting by Andrew Lewandowski the moment I saw it. It reminds me of feelings during the time of childhood years. Its bright colors add a sense of fun and the drawings of the peoples faces look as though a little kid painted this. With this said, I belive that this painting resonates with many poems and stories of Sanra Cisneros.

City windows, is a very chaotic painting with tall buildings, just as the city of Chicago. Sandra Cineros was born and raised in Chicago where I belive that this painting incorportates the city culture. Most of all it is how Cineros discribes in how the city is. Also, Cisneros writings are very enjoyable to read which is why I think will alwys relate her work with bright colors and fun paintings.

"I was raised in Chicago, so always used Latina. It’s what my Father and brothers called ourselves, when we meant the entire Spanish-speaking community of Chicago."
(Interview with Cineros
by Maria-Antónia Oliver-Rotger, January and February, 2000)

Old Maids

by: Sandra Cineros

My cousins and I,
we don't marry.external image cisneros_1954.jpg
We're too old
by Mexican standards.
And the relatives
have long suspected
we can't anymore
in white.
My cousins and I,
we're all old
maids at thirty.
Who won't dress children,
and never saints--
though we undress them.
The aunts,
they've given up on us.
No longer nudge--You're next.
What happened in your childhood?
What left you all mean teens?
Who hurt you, honey?
But we've studied
marriages too long--external image 16.JPG
Aunt Ariadne,
Tia Vashti,
Comadre Penelope,
querida Malintzin,
Senora Pumpkin Shell--
lessons that served us well.

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