Road to Modesto and Valley Before the Rain by Ansel Adams are great examples of photographs that relate to the book The Grapes of Wrath. Both of these paintings show the darker side and the struggle that the Joad family had to go through while traveling on Route 66.

I think that because the photos are black and white it gives emphasis of struggle. In the book, it was hard for the Joad family to stay together as a family. The long travels on route 66 made it difficult for everyone to continue on moving. For example, Rose of Sharon didn’t want to continue traveling ever since her husband ran away from her. This upset Rose of Sharon tremendously. The book gives readers great detail of the characters experiences when living on the road. I think that these photographs help to give a better visual experience of what it was like having to travel to California to find a job and working out in the fields just to support their family.

The Mother Road

external image Grapes%20of%20Wrath,%20G%20King.JPG
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A total of 2,448 miles.
Route 66 was a major path of the migrants who
went west, especially during the 1930s.

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