The piece of art shown on the previous page is incredible. I have seen it in person because my aunt, Susie Eley, is the gallery owner. It is created out of advertising cards, mini US constitutions, and mini Bill of Rights all stapled to make the distorted flag. The meaning that I have derived from the piece, after reading The Grapes of Wrath and going through a rigorous year of history with Ms. Barr, is that economic institutions, such as banks, companies, etc., can use the government to do their bidding, which changes America for the worst. One example in history that I remember is the 14th Amendment. The Amendment was initially passed to provide equal protection and due process of the law for all races. Corporations began to use this Amendment to give themselves equal protection and due process of the law. Quickly the number of cases having to do with corporations were far greater than the number of cases dealing with oppressed African Americans, and this was not due to society recognizing that blacks were equal but because the government paid more attention to the rich corporations than the usually poor blacks. Another example of the perversion of democracy and the American way, is in the texts of The Grapes of Wrath. On the previous page I provided an excerpt from the book pertaining to the issue of the bank taking the land from the farmers. Although the banks actions were legal, the American democracy is created for the people by the people. Not for the bank by the bank. Once the bank started, it could not be stopped. More and more Americans lost their homes and land, so that the bank could survive. The bank was consuming so much that it was destroying the fabric of America, just like the ominous mouth is in the middle of "Where Are We Going." So to prevent democratic chaos we should be keeping the corporations and banks in check because without a check the American system will become a government for profit and nothing else.

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