The reason for immigration to the United States is usually for money. Money is the cure for poverty, but it is also an addiction. Unless one has a strong will, money can take over their life. It is hard to be content with what you have when people have everything you ever dreamed of in their possession. One thing that money is not a cure for is love. We learned through Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, that money can only get one so far. Because although he could have any material possession he wanted he could not obtain his true desire through the means of money. Even with a mansion of a house he could not seduce his old lover to return to him forever. The "Dollar Bill" by Tom Sachs fits in because it is an awesome recreation of a dollar bill through the burning of wood. It was too cool not to use and is totally relevant because the USD is the currency used by Americans (even if it isn't as strong as it used to be).

The Dollar Bill beckons you