Is a hard topic to explain and does not always make sense. Carole Eisner's sculpture, Valentine, really works for my conception of love. I do not know if she really meant to make a heart or if she was curving the I-beams and it just appeared. She could have just walked around and looked at the sculpture and seen the resemblance of a heart and decided to work with it. This is much like the actual feeling of love, for it is usually unintentional that we find that person whom we love. What is the fun in planning out your romance? Love is supposed to catch you by surprise. There is no formula, it is an unexplainable feeling that can rarely be expressed through any medium. Does love always make sense? No, just look at The Streetcar Named Desire and it is obvious that Cupid's arrow impaled Stella's heart without logic. The American people are very similar with their love for their nation. At the moment the US is not making the best decisions, but Americans still love the nation, maybe not the president. Within every American there is this love that cannot be explained, but is there. How else would America's citizens persevere through the hardships that have happened to them on this soil? They could have left for another country, but they stayed because of their love for the United States.



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